Raise the Age Missouri Attracts Bipartisan Support!

After a terrific hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 30, legislation to raise the age in Missouri is attracting strong bipartisan support!

First came an endorsement on the website of the Show Me Institute, one of Missouri's foremost think tanks, with a strong conservative and libertarian bent.  Citing cost savings, parents' rights, and increased safety for vulnerable young people, the article concluded that raising the age "would be a welcome change."  You can read the whole thing here.

Today, the Missouri Times ran an interview with Representative Nick Schroer, the author of HB 274, the House legislation that seeks to raise the age.  Read Representative Schroer's entire interview, which explains why principled Constitutional Conservatives should support raising the age as a common-sense criminal justice reform measure to improve public safety, strengthen our workforce, and protect children and families. 

We're gaining bipartisan momentum, and there's more to come!  This is the year to #raisetheageMO!

If you want to congratulate Representative Schroer and get the word out, you can click here to tweet:  

  • @Nickbschroer what a terrific interview in the @MissouriTimes about #raisetheageMO -- thanks for being a champion for safe communities!