Ask Your Legislators to Support Raise the Age

Reach out to your state Representative and Senator NOW to ask them to support the 2018 bills that raise the age!  All you need is your address and we'll get you to your legislators.  We'll even provide editable talking points! 

Show Your Support on Social Media


Here are some sample Tweets you can use — just copy and paste!

  • Please support safe communities, a strong workforce, and taxpayer savings by raising the age! Vote #RaisetheAgeMO! See our Twitter!
  • #RaisetheAgeMO is common-sense reform to keep our kids and communities safe. #Moleg we need your support on 2018 legislation to #RaisetheAgeMO! See our Twitter!
  • Including 17-year-olds in juvenile court is good for public safety. That’s why we should #RaisetheAgeMO! Please support 2018 legislation to #RaisetheAgeMO!  See our Twitter!


Here are some sample posts you can use – just copy and paste:

  • Missouri is one of only five states that automatically prosecute all 17-year-olds as adults, even for the most minor offenses. That’s bad for kids and bad for public safety. It’s time to #RaisetheAgeMO!
  • Show your support for #RaisetheAgeMO by telling the Missouri Legislature that we need smarter policies that improve public safety and protect our youth.